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Division of Business Administration

The Division of Business Administration aims to provide an education that focuses on understanding current business phenomenon and developing problem solving skills and communication skills to develop future professionals with the ability to lead the age of globalization. In addition, the Division of Business Administration teaches students social and ethical responsibility as a business leader and provides foreign language and computer related educations.
The BA curriculum provides students with a opportunity to gain needed skills and a creative mind to solve critical problems and to communicate effectively in business through the teamwork and case studies.
This curriculum also educates them to develop analytical skills and comprehensive thinking ability to evaluate an organization's effectiveness and efficiency based on a thorough comprehension of internet and information technology.

The Division of Business Administration offers a variety of education programs including specialized track education programs, practical education programs, and global education programs. These programs include business academic activities, volunteer program, and internships domestically and abroad etc. The division also offers the Honors Students certificates to a diverse group of high-achieving students by providing an exceptional educational experience in these education programs.

The Division of Business Administration runs two specialized track education programs, which are Creative, Ethical Business track and Decision Science and Information Systems(DS/IS) track programs. The purpose of Creative, Ethical Business track program is to create and build all possible avenues for students to gain necessary knowledge and experience that can be applied to real business problems in today's dynamic and complex environments.

The objective of DS/IS track program is to cultivate excellent managers who are able in
quantitative decision making and knowledge engineering in the
new era of knowledge and information.

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