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MGT1001 Introduction to Business Administration
Students learn the basic concepts of business administration, managerial principles and theories.
MGT2001 Business Statistics
Students learn various statistics theories and applied methodology in business and apply them to business problems in practice.
MGT2002 PC Application Practices I
Students learn the skill and application of spreadsheet software, and in-depth techniques for business areas such as accounting and finance.
MIS2003 PC Application Practices II
This course deals with practical knowledge of database management by using PC database management package solution.
MGT2005 Principles of Accounting I
This course covers the basic concepts, functions and book keeping structure in accounting and gives an opportunity for application to actual problems.
MGT2007 Organizational Behavior
This course teaches analysis of the theoretical and empirical background associated with human behavior in organizations and the environmental, structural and inter-personal factors which affect human behavior.
MGT2008 Quantitative Business Analysis
Students learn various management science topics including real-world application examples and computer-based solutions, and study how to apply the methods to the decision making process.
MGT3001 Required Interview for Business Major/Minor
The course arranges interviews with students as a partial fulfillment of departmental graduation requirements. The course is required for all business major and minor students.
MGT3002 Organizational Development
This course deals with traditional organizational development, theories and methods associated with establishing an efficient organization under ever-changing environment.
MGT3003 Futures & Options
This course teaches the basic knowledge of derivative securities such as the market mechanism, valuation of futures contract, and option pricing theory. The course tries to apply the theory to real practice.
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